Microsoft Azure - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  •  What is Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is a hosted cloud service, certified to ISO27001:2013, which offers customers a full IT infrastructure environment which is rented to customers. On to of the infrastructure, customers can install firewalls, servers, applications and storage solutions.


  •  What is the relationship between the company and Microsoft?

    2sms is a Microsoft Gold Partner. In addition we are a Microsoft Azure customer. In July 2016 we migrated our entire platform from our own servers to Microsoft Azure.


  •  Why use Microsoft Azure?

    There is a significant overhead in installing configuring and maintaining servers. Our legacy platform took 6 months to install and took many hours of hands on maintenance. Microsoft Azure provides all this for us. Additionally, Microsoft handles patch management, hardware maintenance and upgrades, and O/S installations. This leaves 2sms free to develop its services.


  •  How secure is the service? Will my privacy be ensured? Where is my data stored?

    2sms invests heavily in ISO27001:2013 certification, which greatly reduces the risk of systems being tampered by outside sources. 2sms is ISO27001:2013 certified by an accredited ISO auditor. Your data is stored in US data centers or we can customize to store it on your private cloud services. EU customers are protected by EU-US Privacy shield.


  •  How will the service support institutional compliance requirement such as FERPA and HIPPA?

    2sms is ISO27001:2013 certified and we can pass any InfoSec questionnaire required by any organization. Our SMS+ product is fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant.


  •  Is my data co-tenanted?


  •  Why invest in the Microsoft Partner program?

    We believe that attaining Microsoft's highest level of partner status for application development reflects the quality we put into our work.




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