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SMS+ for Verizon Managers

2sms and Verizon


Verizon customer preferred pricing

Enterprise Messaging Comparison Chart

Verizon eMag 2sms SMS+
SMS recipients 19 US carriers All US carriers
International No Yes
Pre-requisite Valid major account agreement None
Self serve web portal Yes Yes
ISO27001:2013 certified No Yes
Rich content No Yes
Single sign on No Yes
APIs / integration No Yes
Account activation 30-45 days Max 24 hours
Supported protocols SNPP,WCTP,SMTP,XML SNPP, SMPP, SMTP,
Throughput 15/sec 500/sec
Data reporting Max 5 days Lifetime
Data analytics No Yes
Opt in/Opt out mgmt No Yes
24/7 US support Yes Yes
GSA schedule Yes Yes
HIPAA compliant No Yes
Billing type Monthly fee PAYG
Price per message $0.02/msg $0.02-$0.09/msg

Verizon customer preferred pricing

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